about me…

you can see me and some of my code on github.

at the time of this posting, i am the #9 contributor to the zen-cart repo.

you can find me on the zen-cart forum. i coded the new square webpay module and was heralded as the savior by that software guy.

i am a tenacious coder, and if you decide to use me for your project, rest assured i will treat your site as if it was my own. probably better….

being a bit of a zen-cart expert, some may question why i would use a different platform for my own site. well, no time like the present for seeing what else is out there…

besides having a few for sale plugins here, i am available for custom coding work and/or consultations on a per project basis. feel free to contact me here:

prose @ mxworks.cc

i am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to not modifying any core scripts. all of my coding work is meant to be plug and play without touching any of those scripts. theme scripts may be touched as necessary but i try to avoid that as well.

feel free to email me with any questions. client testimonials are also available.